The Catch-All Sack is designed to accommodate all your hanging gear in one easy-to-use stuff sack. Sized to hold not only a hammock, but quilts, sleeping gear, bug nets, accessories. Works similar to a 2-ended stuff sack, but on a larger scale. Instead of packing up each piece of gear individually, simply pull the sack up over everything, cinch shut the head end, and pack away. (Picture shows Winter version in Dark Olive with 11' Hammock, Top & Under Quilts)


  • Length - 10'
  • Width - Standard 13"
  • Material - Dark Olive Silnylon
  • Non-vented
  • Draw cord opening at both ends
  • Weight - 4.4 oz
  • Condition - Like New Demo Product

Copy of Hammock/Quilt Catch-All Sack - Dark Olive - 10'

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