Need a cheap (price, not quality) stuff sack? Don't care about color? Flexible on exact sizing? Then try an Economy Stuff sack.

Made out of either silnylon or silpoly in class weights from 1.1 - 1.6 oz fabrics.

Three Shapes Available

  • Rectangular - A good, all purpose stuff sack. Sizing will range from 4-6 inches wide by 6-9 inches long
  • Stake sack - Great for tent stakes. Sizing will be from 3-4 inches wide by 8-10 inches long
  • Pole Sack - Good for Tent Pole sets. Sizing will be 3-5 inches wide by 15-20 inches long. 

Again, please note colors and sizes will vary. If you are looking for an exact color or size, please see my stuff sack listings under the Stuff Sacks Category.

Economy Stuff sacks

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