Need fewer options? First time hanging? Not quite sure what you are looking for?

A package deal simplifies the decision. Based on some of the more popular choices such as length and accessories, comes with everything needed to hang.

Each Package contains:

  • 11' Trail Lair Hammock & Stuff Sack
  • Retractable Netting & Peak stuff sack to pack it in
  • D-Ring Tie Outs at Both Knees & Shoulders
  • Structural Ridgeline
  • Continous Loops Larksheaded in end channels
  • Under Quilt Hooks (i.e. pack hooks) are spaced approximately 20" from the ends of the hammock unless you specify otherwise
  • Peak Shelf at Head End of Hammock

You only need to choose the fabric, how many layers and the type of suspension (straps/whoopies vs. Cinch Buckle)


New Hanger's Package

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