Ground cloths make for a great addition to your pack. They help keep your valuable gear off the ground and can double as rain covers in a pinch.


  • Made from a double coated silnylon for increased durability and water resistance
  • 4 Corner tabs for staking to the ground and 2 tabs in the middle of the long side help keep the wind from catching it
  • Comes with small stuff sack
  • Currently groundsheet color is Grey with 3,000+ Hydrostatic Head
  • Sizes & Weights*:
    Small - 40" x 58" - 3 ounces
    Single - 40" x 90" - 4.5 ounces
    Double - 58" x 90" - 6 ounces

*All weights are an average weight based on our current production runs. At times, due to different fabric batches from the manufacturers, these weights may change slightly.

Silnylon Ground Sheet

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