The Lazy Hanger's Ridgeline was the brainchild of ShortRound over at  Using Ronstan Orbit Pulleys, we gain the ability to having a moving ridgeline giving you easier access to ridgeline storage systems. 

This may have the ability to replace your structural ridgeline or at least work in conjunction with your current structural ridgeline.  It is suited as a replacement for netless hammocks, but with the inherent nature of the net putting pressure on the ridgeline in a netted hammock, it will function easier when used alongside your current ridgeline. In initial testings the Zing It version, while being used as a structural ridgeline, was able to be moved back and forth without much effort.

If you opt to use it as a secondary ridgeline, I can use kite pulleys instead, which will save another .4 oz. Just let me know.

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  • Convenience at the tips of your fingers
  • Includes two Ridgeline Pouches, pair of Orbit 20 Blocks w/ mini loops larksheaded to them and an adjustable continuous loop ridgeline.
  • The continuous loop ridgeline is adjustable
  • Pouches are designed to ride on both parts of the ridgeline for best support, but can also be set up to ride just one part of the line, which will increase the range of movement.
  • Ridgeline pouches have a fold over strip with velcro to be secured to the ridgeline
  • The large pouch is angled towards back and is side loading for easy access
  • The small pouch is top loading
  • Designed so that one pouch rides the top part of the ridgeline and the other one rides the bottom, allowing you to simply pull the tail of the loop towards you, bringing the pouches towards the center
  • Head end pouch measures 14" L x 10" H and is nice for smaller items for easy access
  • Foot End pouch is larger (27" L x 18" H) and works well for jackets, light quilts and such
  • Available in Amsteel, Zing it (1.75mm or 2.2 mm) or Lash It 1.75mm
  • Average weight for 11' version in Zing It or Lash It is 2.8 oz and about 3.2 oz for Amsteel (less .4 oz for secondary ridgeline option)
  • A single Orbit Pulley is rated to 550 lbs and during initial testings they easily held 250 lbs (kite pulleys are rated to 300 lbs)

Lazy Hanger's Ridgeline

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