Asym Hammock Tarp - STOCK PHOTOS, read below for description of actual tarp


  • Condition - 2nds (light spotting in material.  Aesthetic only)
  • Material - Dark Olive Silnylon 1.1 oz
  • Orientation - Pick Head Left or Feet Right
  • Length - Standard length
  • Weight - 7.2 oz

Please note: Since this is an asymmetrical product, you will need to decide which orientation you would like if you sleep in a diagonal in your hammock. When laying on your back in the hammock and looking up, if you sleep with your head to the right of the hammock and feet to the left, choose the "head right/left feet" orientation, or vice versa.

Also, since the ridgeline of the tarp runs along the bias (or angle) of the fabric, there is no ridgeline seam. Due to fabric stretching along the bias, your ridgeline will not be as "tight" as standard tarps. Exercise care until you are familiar with setting it up that you do not over tighten your ridgeline.


  • Tarp & Stuff Sack

(2nds) - Asym Hammock Tarp

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