The Base Camp Tarp is exactly what it sounds like. A Tarp large enough to provide coverage over an extended area. Create a large area for yourself to sleep, cook, lounge, etc. Or take it to a group hang and entertain all your friends.

Basically, this is a beefed up version of a square/rectangle tarp (the Trail Duster 2.0). Width will based on the commonly available fabrics for tarps. For regular Silnylon, Xenon Sil or Silpoly, it will be approximately 168" (14'). Silpoly XL is roughly 204" (17') and Xenon Sil Wide 210" (17.5').


  • Multiple lengths available starting at 14'
  • Comes standard with 24 Tie outs
  • The 4 Corner Tie Outs and the Midpoint Tie Out on each side are 5/8" webbing, while the remaining tie outs are grosgrain loops
  • Includes seam sealing and a stuff sack

Weights will vary with material and length selected, starting at about 2.5 lbs for the standard width fabric in 14' length and ranging up to around 4 lbs for Xenon Wide in 20' Length.

For a more detailed estimate, or to discuss possible customization, please contact me.

Base Camp Tarp

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