Designed to increase comfort/living space when used in conjunction with a hammock tarp.


  • Can be used in either direction - parallel to or perpendicular to the tarp
  • If using perpendicular to the tarp, 2 support poles(or trees) are needed and if using parallel to the tarp 4 supports are needed
  • Width - 57"**
  • Available in several lengths & Colors
  • Line Locs on tie out loops - allows for easy connect / disconnect from your tarp's side panel pulls
  • One long side will have 2 additional tie outs that will line up with your panel pulls, allowing the porch to be used parallel to the length of your tarp
  • Comes with stuff sack and 2 short sections of guyline
  • In a pinch, can be used as a stand alone shelter

** If purchasing for an existing tarp, width and shape may vary slightly depending on panel pull placements. Please contact me with distance between your pulls.

Tarp Porch

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