Please note that the photos are stock photos of a variety of Winter Haven tarps that I have made. Please read below for the description of the actual tarp.

Length - 13’

Material - Xenon Wide Sil (Forest Green)

Width - 136”

Weight - 28 oz

Features - Straight Edges, Door Snaps, Side Panel Pull Outs, Stuff Sack

Notes: This tarp is being sold “As Is”.  It is the original line of the Xenon Sil Wide from Dutchware.  There was an issue with the Seam Grip sealing on the ridgeline seam not taking.  So, original ridgeline was cut out and replaced with a grosgrain bound ridgeline (that is why the width is 136” instead of the normal 140” on that line.  Tarp was set up about a half dozen times.

Xenon Wide Winter Haven Tarp (see notes)

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