The Sunset Saddle Bags are an excellent way to keep gear clean and dry. Designed for gear that you want to protect, but don't need in your hammock with you. So, boots, packs, etc can be stored off the ground, yet covered by your tarp.

These were developed in conjunction with Papatechie from

Derek Hanson's Ultimate Hang Review


  • Sold as either a single or a pair
  • Easy zippered access from either side
  • Dimensions - Height - 21"; Depth - 20", Width - 20" at the front, tapering to 6" at the back.
  • Available in several choices of silnylon or xenon sil
  • Average weight (including hardware) - 4.5 oz
  • Designed to work with Pack Hooks (Underquilt Hooks) placed towards end of hammock.  But if you do not have pack hooks on your hammock, you can choose to add 4 alligator clips in order to connect to your hammock

Sunset Saddle Bag(s)

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