Owned & Operated by Jared M. Baker and based out of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, United States.

Here at Simply Light Designs, I specialize in customizing my products to meet your needs. To that end, I do not "stock" items, but manufacture them at the time you submit your order. Most items using in stock fabrics will ship out within 24-48 hours, and if not (or if I have to order the material), I will notify you of the expected ship date. If you are working under time constraints and need to put a rush on an order, please contact me, as in most instances, I can meet your deadline.

Simply Light Core Principles

Keep it Simple - I focus a lot on ease of use with my products. I want to enjoy my surroundings without always worrying about adjusting this setting or that with gear. Plus, the more complicated an item, the greater chance it can fail. So, when possible, I keep my designs simple, so you worry less and enjoy more.

Keep It Light - Integral to enjoying your outdoor experience, is being physically and mentally able to. If you are hauling around a 60 pound pack all day, it is a challenge to look beyond the sore body, swollen feet, and pure exhaustion, to the experience itself. I seek to use, within reason, lightweight solutions that do not sacrifice quality. So, ultimately, you are able to make lighter loads a reality and Enjoy the journey along the way.

Design It - Let’s Face It. Sometimes you have to imagine it and then make it yourself in order to find something that works for you. I have worked with many customers over the years to make their dreams a reality. With your ideas and my attention to details such as function, comfort and safety, you may be able to enjoy your travels to a greater extent.  Please see my Custom Work section for more details about custom items.

My philosophy is my motto: Keep it simple, Keep it Light.

Simply Light Designs - Who I Am

First and foremost, I thrive on solitude. I am a very private individual and have sought a remote area of the country to live in to enjoy that solitude. It helps me to connect with the natural beauty in the world around me and the products I make. I am a one-man outfit, and will always remain so. I make all of my products personally and will never outsource the work. I love what I do and in making sure you are happy with your product. I know that by keeping personally involved in every item I sell, that each one will meet my personal standards and would be something that I myself would use.

I also believe in taking a different approach to business. You come first - Guaranteed. I believe in treating you better than you expect to be treated and better than I would treat myself.

I’m not looking to be famous or even well known in the gear making industry. My business is small, but I love it and plan to keep it that way.

Every once in a while, I get asked about how I started Simply Light Designs. It isn’t a remarkable story in any way - but here it is. 

Growing up, my parents gave me quite a bit of exposure to outdoor life. Every year taking multiple vacations to see the country, and especially the natural wonders that leave you speechless. We were not ultralight, not even lightweight, but we enjoyed it. Life took a few turns - marriage, work, kids - and time to enjoy the great outdoors became scarce. Fortunately, after a decade at a dead-end job, my employer decided I was making too much money, and let me go. Now, I had a lot of free time and was able to reconnect with my love of the outdoors.

The backpacking world had changed a lot since I was a kid. But I was excited to embrace the ultralight movement and the new world of "hanging". However, the gear was so much more expensive. So, what would I do? Work more hours to afford the gear, giving me less time to enjoy it? I had just gained this time and I was not about to give it back up.

Well, I’ve always liked working with my hands, so I decided to try and make my own gear. I borrowed a sewing machine from my Mom and made a stuff sack. Epic Fail! You could not find a straight seam anywhere on it. But, I still have it and use it to keep my sewing feet in. It reminds me of how far I have come. 

After making a few pieces for myself, I realized that I enjoyed making gear, which led me to consider starting my own business - Simply Light Designs.

I love working, having pretty much always worked 7 days a week and always giving 110% to any endeavor I take up. However, as Simply Light Design progresses, I seek to keep it balanced with my family life. I enjoy my family and want to be there for them. We moved to an isolated part of the country to set up a homestead. I was able to convert part of my home to set up shop, where I manufacture my products and this lets me take care of family and work interchangeably. Over the years, we have grown closer and seeing my family embrace nature has made it all worth it. 

That is Simply Light Designs