The Voyageur is a cross between a standard gathered end hammock and the Trail Lair. It incorporates one of the design elements of the Trail Lair that make its lay so comfortable. The Triangular Ends (or hoods). They are larger and more noticeable on the Voyageur, but without the netting like the Lair, this levels the comparison between the two.

Their main purpose is to spread out the material at the ends to help lessen calf ridge. A secondary benefit, is that they make a nice cover for additional peak storage areas.

  • Available in a variety of fabrics.  The hoods have less of an impact on wider fabrics than they do on your standard width fabrics.
  • Universal Lay - The orientation of your body does not have to match up to any specific orientation of the hammock**
  • The hoods can be made of matching fabric or other Hexon colors upon request
  • Optional Peak Storage - An adjustable shelf can be added to increase storage. They have shock corded sides and are designed to secure to your ridge line. The front of the shelf that attaches to the ridgeline, slides back to secure items in place.
  • Other Options - Under Quilt Hooks (i.e. pack hooks) are spaced approximately 20" from the ends of the hammock unless you specify otherwise, Amsteel ridgeline (if you do not already have one, it is advised to add this to your order), suspension options, etc.
  • As always, if you desire more custom options, please contact me

  • Review by Michigan Dave

    **While there is no specific orientation to the hammock, certain options, such as the zippered storage pouch or peak shelf, may have an impact on how you choose to orientate it. In general, if you choose to add a zipprered storage pouch or peak shelf, it will make it a dedicated lay hammock in relation to those options.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Finally! Found a comfy hammock

    First of all, Jared's quality of customer service, his shipping/lead times, and craftsmanship are worth they're own 5 star review. But to focus on this hammock, I got a 10' Hexon 1.6 Moroccan Blue, with the head end peak shelf and sewn-in continuous loops. I've been trying a few different hammocks, and I could never get a comfortable lay. Either the walls were too high, or the calf ridge was annoying, or there was shoulder squeeze. With the voyageur, it was immediately the perfect fit as soon as I sat in it. I had never been that comfortable in a gathered end hammock before, but this one seemed to fit the bill for me. I had my ridgeline set at 83%, and I actually preferred keeping the head and foot ends tied at the same height. I could get as flat a lay as I've ever been able to get, and it felt roomy and very comfortable. The color is beautiful; it's muted so it doesn't stand out too much, but it's still a really nice shade of blue. Plus, the material feels so nice to lay in and there's almost no stretch. The peak shelf is definitely worth it if you can afford to add it on, you'll find something or another to put in it. All-in-all, I loved this hammock so much I felt compelled to write a review which I've never actually done before.

    Customer review

    I had such a great experience with my trail lair that i purchased this hammock for the man cave.

    They say lightning can't strike 2xs in the same place...but at simply light designs it happens.

    This is not even close to how wide my trail lair is but yet ..somehow ..i actually get a flat...flat shoulder sqeeze at all!

    For reference mine is made from 1.3 ripstop. I did not opt for the peak shelves.

    For the minimalist this hammock will achieve comfort & a great lay at lighter weight.