I've been making and selling this style of Sustainment Pouch for nearly a decade.  Originally designed to fit my personal ILBE Main Pack.  They are based loosely on the official ones that were made for the USMC. 

I've decided to expand the line to include multiple colors and a more customizable approach, similar to my other backpacking products.  At the same time, I am trying to help all my customers to obtain quality gear at the lowest prices possible by avoiding selling through a third party site like Ebay. 

3/12/23 - Currently I have the materials to make these in Digital Marpat, Coyote and Multicam.  I do have materials on order so that in the near future, I will be able to make them in Black and Green 483 as well.  As a refine a few options, they will become available as well in the drop down menus.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss additional colors/patterns/features as I am always open to improving my products through collaboration.

Please note that these are Custom Made and are not "Official" Sustainment Pouches.  I developed these on my own and make them in my shop.  I've tried to use as many Mil-Spec materials (or when not available, their commercial equivalent) as possible. 


  • Large Size: 9 x 13 x 4 (@ 450 Cubic Inches each for a total of 900 cubic inches)
  • Rain Flap - helps prevent water from getting in zipper
  • Utilizes PALS straps that are compatible with any pack that has Molle style webbing
  • Webbing Handle - Allows easier carrying, more secure attachment to main pack, and additional attachment points for accessories
  • Double Zipper Pulls - Easily access pouch from either direction and place pulls exactly where you want them
  • Includes Weep Holes in bottom of each pouch
Sold as a Pair

Sustainment Pouches (Molle Webbing Compatible)

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