The Catch-All Sack is designed to accommodate all your hanging gear in one easy-to-use stuff sack. Sized to hold not only a hammock, but quilts, sleeping gear, bug nets, accessories. Works similar to a 2-ended stuff sack, but on a larger scale. Instead of packing up each piece of gear individually, simply pull the sack up over everything, cinch shut the head end, and pack away. (Picture shows Winter version in Dark Olive with 11' Hammock, Top & Under Quilts)


  • Available in sil 1.1 or .9 oz Noseeum
  • Choose between various lengths, up to 11’ (I can do custom lengths, but please contact me prior to purchasing to work out details)
  • Available in 2 sizes - Standard & Winter
    - Standard - 12.5" Width (when laid flat)
    - Winter - 19" Width (when laid flat)
  • Draw cord opening at both ends
  • Optional vent allows air to be expelled more easily when packing away
  • Optional Zippered Pouch on one end for storing straps separately

Average Weights:

Version 8' 9' 10' 11'
No See Um (Standard) 2.05 oz 2.28 oz 2.51 oz 2.74 oz
No See Um (Standard w/ Pocket) 2.40 oz 2.63 oz 2.86 oz 3.09 oz
No See Um (Wide) 3.0 oz 3.33 oz 3.66 oz 4.0 oz
No See Um (Wide w/ Pocket) 3.35 oz 3.68 oz 4.01 oz 4.35 oz
Sil 1.1 (Standard) 2.98 oz 3.32 oz 3.65 oz 3.99 oz
Sil 1.1 (Standard w/ Vent) 3.19 oz 3.51 oz 3.84 oz 4.18 oz
Sil 1.1 (Standard w/ Pocket) 3.33 oz 3.67 oz 4.0 oz 4.53 oz
Sil 1.1 (Standard w/ Vent & Pocket) 3.54 oz 3.88 oz 4.21 oz 4.74 oz
Sil 1.1 (Wide) 4.22 oz 4.70 oz 5.18 oz 5.66 oz
Sil 1.1 (Wide w/ Vent) 4.43 oz 4.91 oz 5.39 oz 5.81 oz
Sil 1.1 (Wide w/ Pocket) 4.57 oz 5.05 oz 5.53 oz 6.01 oz
Sil 1.1 (Wide w/ Vent & Pocket) 4.78 oz 5.26 oz 5.74 oz 6.22 oz


In terms of determining what length or width, that will depend on what you want to accomplish.  Originally, the Catchall was designed as just an oversized stuff sack.  So, the 8' length in standard width is usually large enough to accomodate most hammock/quilt set ups.  It is roughly 4,750 cubic inches* (or 78 liters) when stuffed and closed.  So, if all you are looking for is a large stuff sack to hold everything, the 8' one is ideal. 

However, many find it advantageous to keep everything in the Catchall, go ahead and hang the hammock up, and then deploy the sack to one end of the hammock.  So, if you are looking to do that, getting a Catchall longer than your ridgeline length would be the way to go (remember that when you close the ends, you will lose roughly 8” on length for standard and about 12” on length for Winter version).

As far as width, standard is generally sufficient for most set ups as well.  However, with some of the bulkier winter set ups, it is less of a challenge to pack things away with the winter version.  

Sil versions (silnylon, silpoly, xenon sil) are available in two designs - vented and non-vented.  A narrow strip of NoSeeUm netting can be sewn down the length of the Catch-All to allow air to escape more easily.  However, if you still want a full sil version for maximum protection, that is an option in the drop down menu.

Fabric choice will depend on what you are wanting to accomplish.  Sil versions are waterproof, and can now be vented for easier air evacuation.  Mesh versions are highly breathable, but can pick up debris easier. 


*Volume of Cylinder = Height * π * r². So, 86" (you lose 10" in length when Catchall is stuffed and closed) * π * 4.2² = 4,765 cubic inches.  For reference, the stuff sacks that my heaviest UQ and TQ  come in are roughly 1500 & 1200 cubic inches respectively.

    Hammock/Quilt Catch-All Sack

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Michael Powers

    This thing is awesome. I can fit my rideline organizer, chameleon 1.2 hexon, 25 degree sleeping bag, 30 degree UQ all in the smaller version (little tight but not a struggle) The Silpoly version does not pick up crud on the ground and material has little friction while being stuffed in. Integrated mesh works great for releasing air when stuffing in your pack. Great idea. Thank YOU!

    Peter Weston
    Great product, well made, great communication with Jared!

    I stumbled across Jared's company and this product in particular by accident (through a post of r/hammockcamping on Reddit). The concept seemed interesting, and it addressed a pain point that I have thought about when hammock camping: having to set up the hammock, then un-stuff the underquilt and the top quilt and everything else. I ordered this a few days before a quick overnight trip, and Jared communicated well with me about my needs and my timeline. It came right on time, and I can say that after just one use of this, I'm never going back to individual stuff sacks!
    I highly recommend this to anyone considering it! Keep up the great work, Jared!

    Bob Hopkins
    Great Product

    I can't say enough about Jared and his company! His communication was very fast on all the details of my order. I was in a quandary over which length to get because I have a Warbonnet Ridgerunner bridge hammock. Jared and I discussed what size I actually needed. I thought an 8' would do it and he thought maybe we should add a few more inches just in case. Then after placing my order I saw Zach's review below about having the same hammock and he wished he had gone with the 9' one. So back to Jared I went to change the order again to a 9'. He made me the 9' and had it shipped out the next day! It is just right. The craftsmanship is excellent. The Winter width holds the Hammock, TQ, 2 Stacked UQ's and UQ protector all stuffed in with room to spare. It will save so much time not packing / unpacking each piece separately. Another customer for life!

    Zachary Johnson
    Brilliant Concept

    I've been looking for something like this for years and was so happy to find it. Not knowing what size I needed for my winter system (I have a no-net Warbonnet Ridgerunner with a Warbonnet 0* underquilt and a 20* Jacks R Better topquilt), I ordered a standard 8' Sil 1.1 w/ vent to pack my system into. My system fits snugly into the Catch-All Sack and rolls up into a wonderfully compressed ball or directly into a stuff sack/backpack; I can then deploy the entire system with great ease. Having the vent along the length is a must and the draw cords at the ends are perfect. The 8' Catch-All is just a bit short for my winter system so I will use it with my weekender Hennessy Hammock Ultralight Backpacker and order a 9' Catch All for my Warbonnet.

    The workmanship is exceptional, the material quality is excellent and the customer service is what we are all missing in today's society...honest, genuine, friendly and responsive. This is my first dealing with Jared and I can assure everyone that he has gained a customer for life!

    michael schuster
    Great value for a great product

    I just received this in the mail today 3 days after ordering it. I ordered the standard 11’ with the vent and pocket. My hole winter set up fits right in and it fits in the same compression sack my old mummy bag used to fit in. Great product would definitely recommend.