Round Bottom Stuff sacks have been around for decades and work well with a variety of backpacking products, since when stuffed, most tend to take a cylindrical shape. 

Given that stuff sacks can be used on a variety of items from smaller towels and clothing items, to oversized quilts, offering them in a variety of sizes can help you get a customized fit on your gear. 


  • Made from 1.1 oz sil (silnylon, xenon sil or silpoly) or 1.9 oz PU coated Woodland Camo for increased durability and water resistance as well as its low snag profile
  • Variety of colors
  • Variety of sizes to fit your gear (measurements are when sack is stuffed and closed)
  • Drawstring opening
  • Optional Daisy Chain webbing with 2" openings centered down length of sack, starting 1" from the top(when closed) and stopping 2" from the bottom
  • Optional Bottom handle for ease of removal
  • Double stitched bottom seam for increased durability
  • Weights vary depending on size and material

Measuring Tip -

If you are replacing a current stuff sack, measure the distance across the bottom of your sack when stuffed.  That is your width.  Length is from the bottom seam to the top edge when stuffed.  (I can also use measurements from when the sack is laid out flat and convert that to the correct round bottom sack.  Just be sure to contact me with those measurements to make sure we get the right size sack).

If you do not have a current sack, a good way to determine the size is to take a sack (a pillow case usually works well) and place the item in the sack.  Compress it down to a size you are comfortable with for that item, and then measure across the bottom and the length from top to bottom. 

Round Bottom Stuff Sacks

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Customer Reviews

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Dan Hornung
Ten bag replacement

II was looking for a replacement tent bag for my Copper Spur UL2 and came across Jared's site. Ordered one and couldn't be more happy with it. Great price, quick delivery. Thanks Jared! Highly recommend his products.


Great tent sack. Precise measurements and well made. Thanks Jared!