The Sunset Saddle Bags are an excellent way to keep gear clean and dry. Designed for gear that you want to protect, but don't need in your hammock with you. So, boots, packs, etc can be stored off the ground, yet covered by your tarp.

These were developed in conjunction with Papatechie from

Derek Hanson's Ultimate Hang Review


  • Sold as either a single or a pair
  • Easy zippered access from either side
  • Dimensions - Height - 21"; Depth - 20", Width - 20" at the front, tapering to 6" at the back.
  • Available in several choices of silnylon or xenon sil
  • Average weight (including hardware) - 4.5 oz
  • Designed to work with Pack Hooks (Underquilt Hooks) placed towards end of hammock.  But if you do not have pack hooks on your hammock, you can choose to add 4 alligator clips in order to connect to your hammock

Sunset Saddle Bag(s)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Rick Ginanni
Awesome piece of kit

I ordered two of these side saddle bags. One for me and one for a buddy. The saddle bags are well made and are helpful is storing gear that doesn’t need to live in the bottom of your pack. The only improvement I would recommend: have the zippers close in opposite directions. One side pull down and the other pull up.
All in all, this saddle is awesome.

Jim Sneed
Best Storage Solution Ever

These things rock! I purchased a single bag based on what I saw in the review. It is large enough to hold my 0* quilt with no problem. If I stuff it full, it holds the quilt and blanket both. My hammock has quilt hooks, but I ordered the alligator clip option so that I could use it on another hammock without hooks. Jared even threw in an extra set of clips at my request. Awsom service! At first, I hung it from the foot end, but with the quilt and blanket both inside, the weight slightly changed the lay of the hammock. I moved it to the head end, and it was PERFECT. With less weight inside, it worked just as well at the foot end. It's easy to set up, just attach the carabiner to your suspension and hook to your quilt hooks or clip the hammock edge with the alligator clips. Just adjust the shock cord with the line lock 3 to hang it as close the hammock body as you desire. These bags are huge, very light weight and free up tons of space inside the hammock while keeping your gear off of the ground and out of the weather. Hanging under the end of the hammock, you don't even lose any space under the tarp. Jared is batting 1000 with this design!

Simply perfect

Bought a pair of the saddle bags well over a year ago, one for my hammock one for my lady’s hammock. Perfect for keeping my shoes and clothes (with room to spare) at arms reach and off the floor. Much more convenient than a gear sling IMO

Great Design

I now have one of these for three different hammocks. They are perfect for storing my top quilt in when I dont need it. I lounge in the hammock during the day so my quilt just gets in the way. Now I can store it in the sunset saddle bag to keep it out of the way but its close at hand for when Im getting ready to go to sleep for the night. Until recently I would just hang my quilt over the suspension...until I saw a spider crawl out of it. Now I always keep it zipped up and away from the possibility of having a creepy crawler go to sleep with me. It fits my 50º top quilt perfectly. I havent tried my 20º quilt yet but Im sure I can make it work. So far this has turned into one of those items that I feel is a necessity for every hammock I own.

Best Bags

Yes it's true I had a hand in this; but, in my opinion you cannot ask for better craftsmanship in such a useful and lightweight product! I use these all the time in my hammock setups as they provide great space for getting things up off the ground, out of the rain and out of my hammock. I was sick of the hammock gear slings that everyone was selling because they just got in the way and caused me to change my hang height. Fortunately, Jared was able to bring these creations to life and once you start using these you wonder how you ever did without them!