The Voyageur is a cross between a standard gathered end hammock and the Trail Lair. It incorporates one of the design elements of the Trail Lair that make its lay so comfortable. The Triangular Ends (or hoods). They are larger and more noticeable on the Voyageur, but without the netting like the Lair, this levels the comparison between the two.

Their main purpose is to spread out the material at the ends to help lessen calf ridge. A secondary benefit, is that they make a nice cover for additional peak storage areas.

  • Available in a variety of fabrics.  The hoods have less of an impact on wider fabrics than they do on your standard width fabrics.
  • Universal Lay - The orientation of your body does not have to match up to any specific orientation of the hammock**
  • The hoods can be made of matching fabric or other Hexon colors upon request
  • Optional Peak Storage - An adjustable shelf can be added to increase storage. They have shock corded sides and are designed to secure to your ridge line. The front of the shelf that attaches to the ridgeline, slides back to secure items in place.
  • Other Options - Under Quilt Hooks (i.e. pack hooks) are spaced approximately 20" from the ends of the hammock unless you specify otherwise, Amsteel ridgeline (if you do not already have one, it is advised to add this to your order), suspension options, etc.
  • As always, if you desire more custom options, please contact me

  • Review by Michigan Dave

    **While there is no specific orientation to the hammock, certain options, such as the zippered storage pouch or peak shelf, may have an impact on how you choose to orientate it. In general, if you choose to add a zipprered storage pouch or peak shelf, it will make it a dedicated lay hammock in relation to those options.


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