Standard Square/Rectangular tarp for maximum protection from the elements short of having tarp doors

If you choose a U-Pick color(which only applies to the solid colors and not any specialty printed fabrics), these are ordered as needed from either Dutchware(Xenon Sil lines) or Ripstopbytheroll (Silpoly lines), so please verify colors and availability at their respective sites.


    • Seam Sealing Included
    • 4 Optional Side Panel Pulls (2 per side - for reference, these are centered in each quarter of the tarp panels unless you specify otherwise)
    • Can easily double as a hammock tarp if you are a hanger
    • Tarp comes standard with 8 tie outs (each corner and one in the middle of each side)
    • On the Straight Edge version you can opt for an additional 8 tie outs that are located halfway between existing tie outs
    • Cat Cut version has 2 curves on each side
    • Optional Bivy attachment points are set in @ 12" from each end (please note that bivy loops are not intended to hang heavier items like water bottles, heavy lanterns, etc.)
    • NEW (1/4/24) - Tie Outs for the top of the Ridgeline Seam are now available on my backpacking tarps.  A small loop is barracked in place at the selected locations.  
      You can choose between:
           - One that is centered
           - Two, with one at 1/3 length and the second at 2/3 length of tarp
           - Three, with a tie out at 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 along the seam 

Customer Set Up Video


Optional Accessories:

  • 2mm Reflective Guyline in various lengths (Does not work with Line Lock V's or Line Lock Lites (10mm version)
  • Tie outs can be configured with:
    Loops Only
    Line Loc 3's (standard on my tarps, work best with 1.5-2.5mm line)
    Line Lock V - Small "v" groove can hold line as small a 1mm
    Line Lock Lite (10mm) - works well with line around 1.5mm)
    Line Lock Lite (15mm) - lighter version of Line Loc 3's holding 2-3mm line)
    D-Rings (1/2")
  • (8) Aluminum V-Stakes, UL Titanium Stakes 
  • Patch Kit - Perfect for emergency repairs or there is even enough caulk that it can be used to reseal the seams if that ever needs to be done in the future.  Includes small tube of silicone caulk, 12" x 12" matching fabric (custom tarps may not have quite a large piece, but will include what is available), stir stick (caulk can either be applied directly to tarp without diluting, or it can be diluted for thinner applications).  

Weights will vary depending on options chosen

Trail Duster 2.0 Backpacking Tarp

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Tarp

I have been dealing with Jared since he first started ....i never gave a review . i need a lot of time , to review anything, put it thru hard use, and durability testing. TOP NOTCH WORKMANSHIP through out .
can't be better .. i've got many , many hammocks, many ,many tarps, over a dozen Catch-All Sacks ( which i helped develop ), dozens of stuff sacks , custom bug nets , custom socks , gear hammocks , and more. i am a full time hammocker , for more than 15 years , 7 / 365, even when i was working , ALL SEASON -10°F to 100°F , even hurricanes

Mark Parsons

Great tarp and a great company to shop from.


Good quality product, I’m very satisfied!

Cameron Downey

I ordered 7x9 and it somehow came out to 9.3 oz - I believe around an ounce less than expected! I don't know what happened but I'm happy as heck.

But even aside from that, this is a fantastic tarp - perfect size, high quality, and it arrived so quickly.

Jared is responsive, works fast, and makes great products. Definitely plan on purchasing from SLD again in the future.

Everything I Wanted

I ordered a 9x9 silpoly version and finally got to use it in some inclement weather (steady, soaking rain and moderate wind). It performed excellently. The specs were exactly what I ordered, the craftsmanship was flawless, and it arrived shockingly fast. I can't recommend SLD enough!