Classic Solo Backpacking Tarp


  • Size - 56" x 108' (standard width fabrics) or @ 70" x 108" for Xenon Wide
  • Includes 8 perimeter tie outs (4 corners and 4 mid points)
  • Stuff sack included

Additional Options:

  • An additional 4 tie outs (2 more evenly spaced on each long side) can be added from the drop down menu
  • Side Panel Pull Outs are a pair of pull outs within the field of the tarp body, centered down the middle of the tarp length wise and spaced at 3' & 6' (unless you specify otherwise)
  • Patch Kit - Perfect for emergency repairs or there is even enough caulk that it can be used to reseal the seams if that ever needs to be done in the future.  Includes small tube of silicone caulk, 12" x 12" matching fabric (custom tarps may not have quite a large piece, but will include what is available), stir stick (caulk can either be applied directly to tarp without diluting, or it can be diluted for thinner applications).  

Weights will vary between fabrics, but standard width fabrics run @ 8 oz and Xenon Wide @ 9.5 oz

Trail Duster Backpacking Tarp

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