Taking care of gear is just as important as the gear itself.  Make it easier with a Gear Laundry Sack.

The Gear Sack preserves the quality, function and life of your gear.  Ever wash a quilt or hammock in your washer, only to find a snag or two afterwards.  Over time, our appliances can develop small nicks, that while unseen to the human eye and not serious enough to damage normal laundry, can catch on some of our more delicate outdoor gear. 

Using the Gear Sack can help prevent those snags, as it adds an additional layer of protection, while still allowing gear to be washer effectively.  The Gear Sack can also serve as an oversized storage sack, allowing quilts to be stored uncompressed.


  • Size - 34" H x 20" W
  • Material - Mesh No See Um
  • Zippered Top
  • Hang Tab
  • Average Weight - 1.6 oz

Gear Sack (Laundry / Storage)

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Good size, sturdy seams and zipper. Holds up in the washing machine and dryer.