Recon Pouches are a smaller version of a Sustainment Pouch

I based the design of my own personal ILBE pack and make them in my own shop in North Idaho right here in the USA

12/9/23 - Currently I have the materials to make these in Black, Coyote, Green 483 (Olive Green) and Multicam.  I am currently looking for material in the Marpat / Digital Woodland pattern, but the retail market is very sparse on this material (CONTACT ME FOR CURRENT STATUS)

Please feel free to contact me to discuss additional colors/patterns/features as I am always open to improving my products through collaboration.

Please note that these are Custom Made and are not "Official" Pouches.  I developed these on my own and make them in my shop.  I've tried to use as many Mil-Spec materials (or when not available, their commercial equivalent) as possible. 


  • Size: 5 x 6 x 9 (@ 250 Cubic Inches each for a total of 500 cubic inches)
  • Utilizes Pack Stays that are positioned in order to be compatible with any pack that has Molle style webbing
  • Double Zipper Pulls - Easily access pouch from either direction and place pulls exactly where you want them
  • Includes Weep Holes in bottom of each pouch
Sold as a Pair

Recon Pouches - Molle Webbing Compatible

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