The Single Skin (aka Snake Skin) is a simple and effective way to store tarps for quick deployment and setting up in windy conditions.


  • Available in either a tapered or non-tapered version
  • Tapered Version (Works well with newer lightweight tarp fabrics)
    Standard Width: 5.5" at wide end and tapers to @ 1.5"
    Wide Width (good for fabrics like DCF, Silpoly XL, or Xenon Wide): 7" at wide end, tapering to @ 2"
  • Non Tapered Version (Better for bulky tarps such as DCF or heavier, thicker fabrics)
    Standard Width: 5.5" at both ends
    Wide Width: 7" at both ends
  • Drawstring at wide ends to secure tarp within flys
  • Optional Pockets include one at each end. The ones at wide ends will have their own drawcord, which keeps ridgeline cords from falling out.  Please note that the pockets at the narrow end on tapered versions, is long and narrow due to the limits of the small opening. 
  • Please note that sil skins may have a seam from joining two or more pieces together. This allows better use of the material (i.e. keeps costs lower) and does not affect the overall function of the skin
  • Weights: will vary depending on length/material/pockets
    Close to 1 oz for asym or short tarps in .9 netting to about 2 oz for longer ones in sil with pockets.  Average weight is @ 1.5 oz

Custom Lengths also available

    Picture shows ends of skin, so you can see how the pocket works on the larger end

    Single Skin Stuff Sack

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Clint B
    Custom made

    After fighting my tarp in the cold wind I came home and bought this. Works great. Easy off and on. Jared worked with me to make sure I had the right size. Had it shipped out the next morning. Best customer service ever! I’ll be back for more.