Great option for keeping your food out of reach of the critters.


  • Roll Top Closure
  • Standard size is 14" x 27" (top rolls down to shorten sack to necessary size)
  • Included Rock sack for tossing line over high branches
  • Rock sack can be done in matching fabric or a more durable packcloth
  • Rock sack also doubles as storage sack for the main food bag and line
  • Mini Biner included
  • Bag set can be purchased by itself(great if you already have line to hang it with) or you can choose to add 50' of Zing It throw rope

Average Weight*: 1.75 ounces (sacks only); 2.5 oz (with 50' Zing It)

*All weights are an average weight based on my current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

Food Storage (Bear) Bag

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