If you want the convenience of Line Locs(Locks), but don't want them permanently attached, or if your tarp did not come with them and you would like to add them, then these Line Locs(Locks) on loops will help you out.


  • Sold in pairs
  • 4 Versions available -
    Line Loc 3's (standard on my tarps, work best with 1.5-2.5mm line)
    Line Lock V - Small "v" groove can hold line as small a 1mm
    Line Lock Lite (10mm - works well with line around 1.5mm)
    Line Lock Lite (15mm) - lighter version of Line Loc 3's holding 2-3mm line)
  • Lightweight -
    Line Loc 3's - 3.4 grams per pair
    Line Lock V - 3 grams per pair
    Line Lock Lite (10mm) - 2.8 grams per pair
    Line Lock Lite (15mm) - 3 grams per pair
  • 2" Grosgrain Loop - Enough length to larkshead to your current tie outs, but not add too much length
  • Removable

Add On Line Loc (Lock) Tie Outs (pair)

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