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The Wind Rider UL is an ultralight gathered end backpacking hammock.  It utilizes some of the lightest materials and construction methods to deliver an ultralight set up without sacrificing too much in the way of durability and strength*


  • Made with Dutchware’s Cloud 71 monofilament fabric
  • Available in several colors and lengths (due to sheer nature of the material, colors appear darker than normal.  Moroccan Blue, Charcoal Grey, Dark Olive & Black are so close in color, that they can be confused for one another.) I will be attempting to keep a small supply of Cloud 71 on hand, however, depending on popularity, there may be times that an order may come in while waiting on a restock
  • Comes as a complete package, ready to hang.  That includes a fixed Lash It Ridgeline, 6’ UL UHMWPE Straps, Toggles, and 6’ Amsteel UCR Slings.  
  • Average Weight - 9’ (6.45 oz); 10’ (6.85 oz); 11’ (7.25 oz)

Comes with:

  • Wind Rider Hammock 
  • UL suspension
  • 2-Ended Stuff Sack

*Please be aware that UL materials are not for everyone.  They are inherently not as durable or strong as your standard hammock materials.  So, extra care and consideration must be taken with site selection and being aware of its limitations and possible situations that could result in damage.  

Wind Rider UL

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