This is for a PAIR of custom Hip Belt Pocket/Pouches compatible with the ILBE Main Pack.  This is an excellent addition to any pack, as it helps you to have handy access to small items you may need quickly and puts them in a location on your pack that is usually not utilized to its fullest.

I based the design of my own personal ILBE pack and make them in my own shop in North Idaho right here in the USA

Please note that these are Custom Made and are not "Official".  I developed these on my own and make them in my shop.  I've tried to use as many Mil-Spec materials (or when not available, their commercial equivalent) as possible. 

These are designed specifically to fit the ILBE Main Pack Hip Belt, which may be sized differently than other packs.  If you are looking to use them on another pack, please contact me beforehand so we can compare hip belt measurements and see if adjustments need to be made.

  • Size: 7 x 5 x 2 (70 Cubic Inches each for a total of 140 cubic inches)
  • Utilizes Elastic Webbing for a more secure fit on hip belts
  • Pull Tabs - Positioned to allow you to securely hold pouch while opening
  • Buckle Closure - Side closest to pack has a webbing loop with buckle that allows pocket to be secured to the main pack
  • Left/Right Zipper Pulls - Zipper Pulls are orientated for left/right placement on belt
Sold as a Pair

Hip Belt Pockets

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