Tent Stuff Sacks are designed to work well with backpacking tents, but can be sized to fit even large camping tents.


  • Square bottom maximizes interior space and provides increased strength
  • Pull tab allows easy item removal
  • Can do custom sizes as well (additional charges may apply)
  • Optional - Daisy Chain Webbing.  Heavy Duty webbing with 2” openings centered down length of sack, starting 1” from the top and stopping 1” from the bottom when the sack is stuffed and closed

** Size is measured when sack is filled. Best way to measure for the size you need is to take your tent and place it in a pillow case or other large bag. Once you pack it down to the size you like, measure the dimensions. Be sure to account for pole length, if you plan on packing them in with the tent.  If you currently have a round bottom stuff sack or have any concerns on sizing, please contact me before ordering. 

  • Small - 12 x 4 x 4 
  • Medium - 16 x 5 x 5 
  • Large - 20 x 6 x 6
  • Custom (Please contact me first to ensure size is possible)

Tent Stuff Sacks

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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DAYLE Peterson
Perfect replacement

I needed a new stuff sack for my tent. I wanted it to fit well and be very light. The SimplyLight sack is perfect! Great product, great service.


Everything came well made and in a timely manner.

John White
Excellent stuff sack (and service to match)

No much to be said about a stuff sack but these are no frills, super light and if you carry your tent on the outside/top of your pack sometimes they offer good rain protection and I think will handle most ordinary pokes from bushwacking. Basically nothing more and nothing less than a perfect simple tent sack.

The color choice is great. I especially wanted something like the blaze orange because it's super bright. I have a dark green tent that can be hard to find if my site is real stealth in thick forest so I hang the bright stuff sack in a tree to act as a sort of flagging tape to make it easier to find my tent.

Take note of the description about how to measure using a pillow case. I had read this but it didn't quite register with me that to accommodate a tent of a certain length the sack would measure a bit longer because length is lost when the draw string is pulled closed. In other words the length is for how long of a rolled up tent they are for not the tape measure length.

I also have ordered and used pole, stake and a really small general purpose sacks and those are great too.

Price is right, plenty of color and size choices, custom size if needed, fantastic customer service and turn around time. What else could I want.......I'm so glad I found this company when finding it very hard to find (surprisingly) stuff sacks that were just right from the usual suspect sources. These are better quality AND I can actually get exactly what I want.

Kevin Mitchell
Simply Light is Simply Awesome.

My review title says it all. And custom sizes, too?


Custom order. Sewed and in the mail same day. I'm sure he can't do this every time but it shows he is serious. Long time fan.