This is a package deal geared for those new to hanging and not sure if it is for them. 

Don't give up and get overwhelmed with all the information and choices out there.  The best teacher is always experience with an actual hammock. 

Before investing hundreds of dollars on a system, get the "hang" of it with a starter hammock.  This will help you get your feet "wet" without breaking the bank and help you fine tune some of the basics and your preferences. 

Then keep it as a "loaner" so you can convert all your friends, while you move in the direction that is right for you. 

The Canadian Back Country’s Video Review

Package Features:

  • Tree Runner Hammock (basic gathered end) with adjustable ridgeline, suspension (choose either cinch buckles or whoopie/straps/toggles), tie outs at head left and right and a stuff sack
  • Choose between 4 lengths
    9' (great for kids)
    10' (generally 5'10" and under)
    11' (your most popular length fitting the majority of hangers)
    12' (for the "Taller" hanger)
  • Available in several nylon Ripstop fabrics:
  • Black Nylon Ripstop (1.3 oz) - Good to around 250 lbs, @ 61" width
    Charcoal Grey Nylon Ripstop (1.4 oz) - Good to @ 250 lbs, @ 58” width
    Foliage Grey Nylon Ripstop (1.9 oz) - Good to 350 lbs, @ 66" width
    Green Tea Nylon Ripstop (1.9 oz) - Good to 350 lbs, @ 58” width

This will get you hanging and if you have not yet found, I would strongly suggest joining (it is free to do so).  That is the best online resource for all things hammocks.


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