The Trail Lair is a symmetrical hammock with integrated bug net.  The bug net is retractable with 2 separate sets of zipper pulls that goes all they way around the hammock body.  This allows you to have 2 separate openings anywhere along the length of the zipper. Great for those who use under quilts, as you can make adjustments to both sides without getting out.

Each Trail Lair Includes:

  • Retractable Bugnet with 4 Zipper Pulls
  • Permanent Continuous Loops 
  • Peak Bag for storing the net when not in use
  • Stuff Sack

Which Options should I choose?

There are many different options available for the Trail Lair, as I aim to allow you to make as many personalized choices as you can.  For newer hangers, this can seem like a lot, so I've attempted to breakdown all the options below.


  • Fabric/Color -

One of the first stops in customizing your hammock, is choosing a fabric.  There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of options ranging from Ultralight (UL) to more robust, heavy duty fabrics.  I can generally offer recommendations on weight limits, but as far as feel, comfort or whether you will like a particular fabric, that mostly boils down to personal preference.  I stock several types and colors, but there are also many that can be ordered (typically indicated by the "U-Pick" designation) from various vendors.  I use mostly Dutchware and Ripstopbytheroll fabrics, so a great deal of your research into fabrics can be at their respective sites.  And for end-user feedback a good resource is, which has thousands of users offering feedback on them.

Many fabrics are standard width materials, which will result in a hammock typically 56-59" wide.  For those needing more room (taller or broader build), there are several wider fabrics - Hexon Wide, HyperD XL, HEX 70 or MTN 1.2 or 1.7 series, which are in the 70" range, but can also be cut down to a more exact width.

  • Length -

Standard lengths are from 9-12', however if you need a custom length, that can usually be arranged.  There isn't a 100% set rule in regards to which length for a given height.  In my experience, most customers under 5'2" can use a 9' hammock, 10' is typically good to 5'10", 11' around 6'6" and 12' for over that.  However, a contributing factor to that is also the hammock width.  A wider hammock body may allow one to get by with a shorter hammock.

  • Layers-

Pretty straight forward.  Single layer saves the most weight and as long as you are not too close to the weight limits of the fabric, are suitable for most situations.  Double Layers are useful for ones who like to use a pad between layers, like the extra support or use it to limits insect bites.

  • Netting Material-

The two standard options are between .9 NoSeeUm Netting and .7 NanoSeeUm netting.  Most people can use the .9 netting in most situations, but if you are using in an area with NanoSeeUms, then the .8 netting is helpful.  Other things to consider is that .9 netting is more durable, while .7 is lighter weight.  .9 has thicker filaments and larger holes, while .7 has more holes, but finer filaments.

  • Zipper Size -

Two choices - #3 or #5 YKK.  #3 is smaller and lighter weight, while #5 is larger and more durable.  If you do lots of winter camping, the #5 is easier to use in those situations.

  • Fixed Ridgeline -

Netted hammocks should be used with a fixed ridgeline at all times, otherwise damage may occur to your netting.  Amsteel is stronger, heavier and does not pack as small.  My stock color is the black, but really has more of a dark charcoal color to it.  Zing it is Yellow and Lash It is grey. 

The Trail Lair is designed to be used in conjunction with a Structural Ridgeline. Using a Trail Lair without a ridgeline is not recommended and will void the warrantyProper Maintenance includes checking your ridgeline for slack on a regular basis.  If slack is found, please contact me.

  • Suspension-

Two standard options here - Whoopies & Straps or Cinch Buckles.  Whoopies and Straps can either be used with toggles or carabiners.  It is the lighter of the two options and allows the most adjustability.  Cinch Buckles are heavier, but simpler to use.

  • Add On Tie Outs -

Roughly located around knees and shoulders, these are helpful for holding fabric away from you.  The one at the head location is probably the most beneficial for this.  Also, can be used as attachment points for various accessories if needed.

    • Peak Shelf -

    Storage option that can be located at the triangular area at either head or foot ends of the hammock.  Useful for storing larger items like top quilts and jackets.

    • Removable Windshield -

    Zips to the inside of the netting and allows for wind blockage and heat retention, as well as a measure of privacy. It is vented at either end to lessen condensation.

    Available in two fabrics, Ion and Argon 90.  Ion is slightly heaver and less breathable.  Argon is light and packs away easier. 

    • Ridgeline Gear Pouch -

    Simple storage option that attaches to the ridgeline.  Useful for quick access items you want to keep handy.  Measures @ 9 x 13"

    • Stuff Sack-

    The Trail Lair includes a standard double ended stuff sack.  This is the option to add a zippered pouch to that stuff sack for keeping your tree straps in.  Helps keep sap from getting on the rest of your gear.

    • Underquilt Hooks -

    Useful for many models* of Underquilts that have their suspension hang off you hammock suspension.  You clip the UQ suspension into the hook and it holds it closer to your hammock.  Also, can be used to hang accessory items from (like my Saddle Bags).  If you want to use them for both an UQ and to hang items, get the dring option to utilize both.

    * The Trail Winder is designed in a way that the UQ hooks are not needed in most situations.

    • Zippered Storage Pouch -

    Another handy storage option.  Good for things like tablets, readers, phones, etc.  It is best located at the side opposite your head lay position.  Roughly 10 x 14"


    Dimensions & Average Weights*:

    With so many different Fabric choices, varying widths and add ons, weights will vary.  

    Trail Lair

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Exceeding Expectations

    I contacted Jared about an issue with a hammack I purchased. He immediately said return it and I will send you a replacement of your choice. You can order with the confidence of knowing you will always satisfied

    Beats the Competition, Unique Features

    I ordered a 12' Trail Lair made of 1.25oz/yd multicam, sewn in continuous loops, and all attachment tie outs/hooks possible (even though I didn't need most of them). I'm 5'10", 170 lbs.

    This hammock beats hammocks that I used before (11' LSOH Ultralite, and 11' DH Darien 1.3 oz/yd), though those are decent hammocks.

    One reason it beats the competition is because of the flatter lay and lack of calf ridge. The longer 12' length, special hammock cut, and sewn-in continuous loop contribute to that. And it only weighs about an ounce more due to it's longer length.

    Another reason it beats the competition is because it doesn't need tie outs with shock cords to keep the net or material from flopping on you. The special cut of the hammock body is the reason for this. This means weight reduction because no additional shock cords nor stakes are required.

    My underquilt fits on it with no fuss.

    I really like the lightweight 1.25 oz/yd multicam fabric. Great colors/pattern. Durable enough, but still lightweight.

    Service was second to none. Jared rushed my order for a trip I needed it for.

    Mike G ( TechRedneck )
    Jared made me a Believer

    I am a 61 year old backpacker and recently geared up after many years doing other things. I started back in the 1970's with heavy gear and external frame pack. Since going lightweight with my new gear I was interested in a hammock that would fit my "style". I wanted a setup that was light, custom and wanted to go with a cottage company. The people on recommended I reach out to Jared.

    I sent an email with my requests and Jared responded within hours. We went back and forth and decided on a Trail Liar with all the extras. This was my first hammock so I just ordered the hammock to test and determine my "lay" meaning I was most comfortable with head left and feet right.

    Next came the order for the asym Trail Winder. I wanted the synthetic due to the wet weather in the WV hills. I had an idea and ran it past Jared about possibly making an "add on" to boost the temp ratings. After a couple days he got back to me and stated he could do it so I ordered The Trail Winder and snap on modular addition, both 3.6 Apex. He also made a custom tarp with partial doors to round out the whole package.

    My first night ever in any hammock was in the back yard and temps went down to 23 F. I was astounded how comfortable I was ( 20 Degree UGQ Bandit TopQuilt ). I have used this setup all of 2021, 2022 and won't change a thing. Last year I added his Single Skin Stuff Sack and a zippered pouch for a ditty bag. Happy with all of it and can't wait for this year!

    J Green

    I recently ordered an 11 footer in single-layer Hexon 1.2. Nanoseeum 0.7, #3 YKK, fixed ridgline, permanent continuous loops, 1x peak shelf and UQ hooks.
    It came in at 15.5oz/440g in the stuff sack. Really well constructed, stitching looks great. As an aside, Hexon 1.2 has just a little more 'give' than Hexon 1.6 (which I personally have found to be a little too firm).
    I have just got back from a 4-night hike and I have to say I'm impressed. In my opinion this is a fantastic hammock. I have slept soundly every single night which is unusual for me! Usually it takes me a few nights to get used to a new hammock but the first morning I woke up convinced I was asleep in my own bed.
    I'm a fussy buyer of equipment but Jared never once made me feel like I was wasting his time with my many questions and procrastination.
    Quick turnaround and well-priced shipping to Europe.
    Highly reccomended.

    Chris Halbert

    I am 6'2, 240lbs. I took this with me on a 4 day hike. The build quality is superb. Even though I was under prepared for the cold weather, while I laid there freezing my butt off, I caught myself thinking, "Man, this is actually an incredibly flat lay. I'd be really comfortable right now if I still had feeling in my body". Jared is super friendly and knowledgeable. Would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for their "last hammock". Add all the extras you think you'd ever want and you won't have to buy another hammock for a long time.