The Tree Runner is a basic gathered end hammock.


  • Lightweight 1.1 oz, 1.6 oz, or 1.9 oz ripstop
  • Sewn channels at each end wide enough to accommodate webbing suspensions
  • Optional Continuous Loops
  • Optional Under Quilt Hooks (i.e. pack hooks) are spaced approximately 20" from the ends of the hammock unless you specify otherwise
  • Optional Zippered Shoulder Pouch (12"x8")allows you to keep essentials close by and is sewn onto the hem on either left or right shoulder positions
  • Please note: In order to hang your hammock, it is recommended to add a suspension set if you do not already have one.

Comes with:

  • Tree Runner Hammock 
  • 2-Ended Stuff Sack sized slightly large to accommodate your suspension 

Dimensions & Average Weights*:

With so many different Fabric choices, varying widths and add ons, weights will vary.   I can estimate a weight, just contact me with the options you are considering.

    Which Hammock is Right for Me?

    There are many different factors involved in this decision and what is right for one person may not be right for another. Here are a few guidelines:

    Integrated Bug Net or Add On - While an integrated bug net is simpler to deploy and think about, it is less flexible than a add on net in varying conditions and more weight in situations that do not call for it.

    Single Layer or Double - This will be affected by the weight of the user and your desired pack weight vs. comfort level. A double layer hammock weighs slightly more, but allows for placement of a air pad (or other insulation) between the layers, holds more weight and helps block wind and mosquitos.

    Fabric - There are also choices in the type and weight of fabrics used. I currently stock and mostly use the Hexon 1.6 line, but also have a variety of ripstops in the 1.1 oz - 1.9 oz range.  And of course can order custom fabrics as needed.

    The below weight guidelines are just estimates and generally focus on the limits of comfort in the hammock, as the closer you get to the limits of a material, the comfort tends to decrease more quickly. And these guidelines apply mostly to standard Nylon Ripstops. Some of the newer fabrics being developed and carried by some of the material vendors (such as Dutchware or Ripstopbytheroll), may have different weight guidelines that apply due to types of material and construction methods.

    With a single layer hammock of 1.1 oz ripstop, it is generally recommended for use under 175 lbs. Going over 150, you will notice a slight loss in performance in lay. If you choose to go with the double layer 1.1, then the weight range increases to under 250 lbs.

    1.6 oz ripstop fills in the gap between 1.1 & 1.9. It is recommended for weights under 200 lbs so as not to affect performance. A double layer 1.6 would increase that to around 350 lbs. This dos not apply to the Hexon 1.6 line, which is constructed differently than standard Ripstops.  It is rated to 350 lbs in a single layer, and 500 in a double.

    A hammock of 1.9 oz ripstop is recommended for under 225 lbs, while a double layer of 1.9 oz ripstop is good for up to 400 lbs.

    *All weights are an average weight based on current materials used. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material suppliers, these weights may change slightly. 

    Tree Runner

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    They last

    I have been dealing with Jared since he first started ....i never gave a review . i need a lot of time , to review anything, put it thru hard use, and durability testing. TOP NOTCH WORKMANSHIP through out .
    can't be better .. i've got many , many hammocks, many ,many tarps, over a dozen Catch-All Sacks ( which i helped develop ), dozens of stuff sacks , custom bug nets , custom socks , gear hammocks , and more. i am a full time hammocker , for more than 15 years , 7 / 365, even when i was working , ALL SEASON -10°F to 100°F , even hurricanes

    Excellent hammock

    I needed a new basic hammock for camping and backpacking but couldn't find a color or fabric I liked with the big brands. This fit the bill perfectly! Construction is amazing, great stitching, and so many custom options to really make it my own. I got it 65 inches wide so I could lay more diagonal. I especially like the adjustable ridge line. 5 stars across the board!


    I just received my Hexon Wide 1.6, 12ft long, 70" wide Tree Runner Hammock. Being 6'1 and 245 lbs, finding a hammock that doesn't squeeze my shoulders or limit me from stretching out has proven difficult. However, this hammock solves all of those issues! It's incredibly comfortable, light, and the workmanship is top notch. Perfect hammock. Thank you!

    Jim Charanis
    Best seat in the woods

    This is my day hike nap and lunch hammock. I also take it when I chooses to tent. So light and easy to setup. Comfortable to sit and eat lunch or nap on a warm sunny day. Great craftsmanship and fantastic quality. Fast shipping and great communication.

    Customer review

    I got an 11' 1.6 oz and couldn't be happier. It's got little to no calf ridge with the right sag and the adjustable ridgeline makes it super easy to find that sweet spot. I like this thing more then my bed! I get exited to climb into it at night and have been going to bed earlier on the trail. The only problem is getting out of it in the morning, it's just so comfortable.