The adjustable structural ridgeline is used to set the sag of your hammock. It can be adjusted to your preferences.

The recommended length is 83% of the length of your hammock length. So, if your hammock is 128" long, then the length of the ridgeline should be 106".


  • 2 inch locked brummel eyes on both ends 
  • One eye is fixed and the other adjustable 
  • Made from 7/64" Amsteel Blue Line 
  • 1,600 lb breaking strength for Amsteel 
  • Max length: 128" 
  • Average Weight*: .85 ounces 

*All weights are an average weight based on our current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

Adjustable Structural Ridgeline

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