The Quick Sack is a double ended Hammock Sack that is great for quick storing and deployment of your hammock. Features a drawstring closure at each end. Made from 1.4 oz silnylon.

  • Sizes: Mini (4 x 10), Small (5 x 11), Medium (6 x 12), Large (7 x 13) 
  • Sizes are based on filled bags and are cylindrical in shape, so the small number is the diameter and the larger the length. 
  • Can do custom sizes 

Dimensions & Average Weights*:

  • Mini - 8.8 grams; .32 oz 
  • Small - 10.6 grams; .38 oz 
  • Medium - 12.5 grams; .45 oz 
  • Large - 15.4 grams; .55 oz 

*All weights are an average weight based on our current production runs. At times, due to different manufacturing processes from the material supplies, these weights may change slightly.

2-Ended Hammock Stuff Sack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super Quick Custom Work

I purchased a double ended sack, custom size in the middle of the day on Saturday. In less than thirty minutes I had a follow up question from Jared. On the same day I got a shipping notification. Monday my order was at my house! Outstanding job, fantastic work, this is the second order from them and will not be the last!!

Customer review

I purchased one of these double-ended stuff sacks from SLD to upgrade my daughter's kid-sized hammock, which came in a no-frills drawstring bag. The sack I got from Jared arrived in a jiffy, and it's perfect. It is strong, it is light, and it shows the attention to detail I've now come to expect from SLD. Now that I've upgraded the little hammock with whoopie slings, this new double-ended sack lets be stow the foot end loop opposite the head end loop and deploy the hammock easily without it touching the ground. The stuff sack never gets lost because it hangs right on the suspension at the end of the hammock, a nice bonus. Best of all, my little girl is happy because she has a fancy Multicam bag for her hammock, just like her dad has for his! ;) Thanks, Jared!