Standard Square/Rectangular tarp for maximum protection from the elements short of having tarp doors.


  • Line Loc 3's used on perimeter tie outs & 3/4" Beastee-Dee Rings on the Ridgeline Tie outs
  • Seam Sealing Included
  • Can easily double as a backpacking tarp if you ever have to go to ground
  • Tarp comes standard with 8 tie outs (each corner and one in the middle of each side)
  • On the Straight Edge version you can opt for an additional 4 tie outs that are located halfway between existing tie outs along the ground side of the tarp edges.
  • Cat Cut version has 2 curves on each side

Comes with:

  • Tarp & Stuff Sack

Optional Accessories:

  • Reflective Guyline in various lengths 
  • (6) Aluminum V-Stakes, UL Titanium or Heavy Duty Titanium Stakes 
  • Zing It, Flyz, Spliced Flyz or Dutchware Continuous Ridgeline 

The optional Tarp Pole Set is for creating more livable space underneath the tarp and attaches to the side panel pull outs. There are 2 versions - Exterior or Interior. The Exterior comes with 2 tarp poles, 4 Adjustable Quick Set Connectors (It does require the side panel pull outs from the below drop down menu to function). The Interior includes sleeves on the tarp and peak center ties to keep poles in place.

Weights will vary depending on options chosen

# Applies only to solid standard silpoly colors. Printed or non-standard silpoly options may cost more, please contact me for details

Trail Duster 2.0 Hammock Tarp

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