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NEW (10/4/21) - I've been tossing around a modular insulation system, that would allow additional insulation to be easily layered with the Trail Winder and have settled on a design that will allow for it. 

The Trail Winder UQ used the standalone UQP as a starting point and then adds a layer of asymmetrical Apex Climashield synthetic insulation to make it an effective Underquilt.  I am currently trying to keep all weights in stock, but from time to time based on demand, the 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 may need to be ordered.

It is available in either Asym orientation or a symmetrical orientation.

Asym orientation is based on which way you lay in the hammock and the insulation is cut on the angle to save weight and pack space.  The Broad Width option adds 6" to the shoulder width for those with wider shoulders.

The Trail Winder is also available in a symmetrical cut.  For those who do not have a dedicated lay, such as those who toss or turn during the night, changing their orientation, a full width cut provides more uniform coverage.   This will increase the weight and bulk obviously, especially as you get into the heavier weight insulations such as 7.5 or 10 oz.  

Modular System - As we all know, it is hard to get one quilt for a wide range of temperatures, without some serious tweaking or compromises in comfort.  With the design of the Trail Winder, adding a 2nd layer of insulation (in the same orientation as the Trail Winder) is now a possibility.  I'm still working up all the possible weight combinations to add to the charts, but initially it will be available in the 2.5 and 3.6 oz insulation weights (the 2.5 oz adds @ 20° while the 3.6 adds 30° to the temp ratings). 

The additional layer will be fully enclosed in a shell fabric to keep the insulation clean and debris free.  It will utilize a set of snaps that will line up with a set of snaps on the quilt itself.  (Please note that a standard Trail Winder without the modular set up, will not come with the corresponding snaps on the quilt.  There is an option in the drop down menu to add the snaps only to the quilt, so that if you want to future proof the quilt, you will not have to send it back in to get the add on)


  • Made from either Calendered Ion or Argon 90 (custom fabrics are possible as well)
  • Layer of Apex Climashield insulation sewn in at your preferred lay orientation (currently stocked weights are 3.6 oz or 6.0 oz, others can be ordered)
  • Length - Standard is 106", but if you prefer more coverage for your hammock, longer lengths are available (although it should be shorter than your hammock length to account for the UQ suspension)
  • Width - 55-57" (depends on starting width of fabric)
  • Suspension included - Adjustable shock cord loops at each end with Mini Biners.  
  • Enough shock cord is included for use on a variety of length hammocks are quilt stacking situations.
  • 5' section on each side is shock corded.  Easily adjust how snug it is to your UQ or hammock
  • Includes stuff sack sized for UQ (and modular add on, if purchased)
  • For storing, a separate stuff sack can be purchased for the modular piece only
  • Optional Compression Sack available
  • Weights will vary depending on options chosen (see charts below) **
  • For reference, the shiny side would be facing up (next to the hammock), while the duller side with the DWR treatment would be towards the ground
  • The last picture in the gallery shows the approximate dimensions of the insulation.

Asym Discussion:

Trail Winder Asym UQ

Symmetrical Discussion:

Trail Winder Symmetrical UQ

Using either Argon 90 or calendered Ion Fabric, it provides resistance to wind and rain as well. 

Shortrounds's Video Review

Chesapeake Hammock Video Review


Rough temperature estimates on insulation weights:

2.5 oz -    50o F
3.6 oz -    40o F
5.0 oz -    30o F
6.0 oz -    20o F
7.5 oz -    10F
10 oz  -    -5F

Please note that the following charts are based on the 9' length.  Each additional foot of material adds .5 oz for Argon 90 and .6 oz for Ion.  (e.g. If you choose the 11' version in Ion, add 1.2 oz to the below charts for estimated weights). 


 Argon 90
Asym Asym Broad Non Asym
2.5 oz 14.36 oz 14.74 oz 17.06 oz
3.6 oz 17.04 oz 17.53 oz 20.58 oz
5.0 oz 20.19 oz 20.84 oz 24.81 oz
6.0 oz 22.30 oz 23.06 oz 27.69 oz
7.5 oz 25.77 oz 26.69 oz 32.31 oz
10.0 oz 31.04 oz 32.24 oz 39.51 oz



 Ion Fabric
Asym Asym Broad Non Asym
2.5 oz 15.72 oz 16.12 oz 18.56 oz
3.6 oz 18.40 oz 18.91 oz 22.08 oz
5.0 oz 21.55 oz
22.22 oz 26.31 oz
6.0 oz 23.66 oz 24.44 oz 29.19 oz
7.5 oz 27.13 oz 28.07 oz
33.81 oz
10.0 oz 32.40 oz 33.62 oz
41.01 oz


** Displayed Weights are estimates based on the advertised weights of the materials used.  Actual weights may vary slightly.

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