The Eclipse Top Quilt is the perfect complement to your hanging experience.  When used in conjunction with a UQ, it maximizes heat retention for a toasty night, no matter the conditions.  

It utilizes Apex Climashield insulation and either Argon 90 or Ion fabrics as your shell material.  I am currently keeping the 2.5, 3.6, 5.0 and 6.0 weights in stock.  I am currently not offering it in the 7.5 oz or 10.0 oz weights.


  • Made from using Dutch's Ion fabric or the Argon (49, 67 or 90) line of materials (custom fabrics are possible as well)
  • Synthetic Apex Climashield insulation for ideal performance in wet conditions
  • Generous length for the option to pull quilt over face if desired
  • Length - Short (up to @ 5’6”), Regular (up to @ 6’2”), Long (over 6’2”)
  • Length Measurements - Short - 72"; Regular - 78"; Long - 84"
  • Width - Standard (@ 49/50” wide) or Wide (@ 57/58” wide, good for broad shoulders)
  • Sewn Foot Box
  • 4 loop sets on top half of quilt for options to secure to pads or cinching up closer to body
  • Includes stuff sack
  • Weight will vary depending on options chosen (see below chart) **

Additional Options:

  • Optional Compression Sack (long term storage in a compression sack is not advisable.  Letting your UQ air as much as possible will extend its longevity)
  • The top edge of the quilt can be customized with no collar for a simple, no frills approach.  A regular cinch collar (.4 oz) helps to keep the quilt closer to the neck, blocking drafts. Or an insulated draft collar (1.5 oz) helps with drafts and heat retention as well.
  • Footbox sizes are customizable
    - Small - 36" Circumference - Up to around size 8 Men's
    - Regular - 40" Circumference - Good to size 12 Men's
    - Large - 46" Circumference - Size 13 Men's and up
  • Optional oversized storage sack made from NoSeeUm netting allows quilt to loft and breathe while not in use

Temperature ratings* on insulation weights:

2.5 oz -    50o F
3.6 oz -    40o F
5.0 oz -    30o F
6.0 oz -    20o F

*Please note that temperature ratings are from the manufacturer of Apex Climashield.  They are considered comfort ratings and from customer feedback, that has held true in most cases.  However, there are many factors that can affect ones' comfort level including whether one sleeps cold or hot, wind chill, humidity among other things. 


Argon 90 Short
2.5 oz 13.41 oz
14.41 oz
15.52 oz
14.85 oz
16.34 oz
17.36 oz
3.6 oz 16.56 oz
17.82 oz
19.18 oz
18.37 oz
20.21 oz
21.48 oz
5.0 oz 20.58 oz
22.16 oz
23.74 oz
22.85 oz
25.14 oz
26.73 oz
6.0 oz 23.45 oz
25.26 oz
27.17 oz
26.05 oz
28.66 oz
30.48 oz


Ion Fabric
2.5 oz 14.39 oz
15.47 oz
16.56 oz
15.94 oz
17.54 oz
18.53 oz
3.6 oz 17.54 oz
18.88 oz
20.32 oz
19.46 oz
21.41 oz
22.75 oz
5.0 oz 21.56 oz
23.22 oz
24.98 oz
23.94 oz
26.34 oz
27.75 oz
6.0 oz 24.43 oz
26.32 oz
28.31 oz
27.14 oz
29.86 oz
31.75 oz


** Displayed weights are estimates based on the advertised weights of the materials used.  Actual weight may vary slightly.

Eclipse Top Quilt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great quilt, great price.

I purchased the 50 deg, reg, reg, with cinch collar to supplement my 20 degree bag and replace my diy Costco quilt. So far, I've had it right down to 50 and was perfectly comfortable. Paired with a liner I'm sure it'll go down to 40. High quality materials and the owner is responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this quilt and company.

Adam Ratchenski
Eclipse Top Quilt

Exceptional product and exceptional customer service. Light, packable and warm. Served me well for nights in the high 40s in Northern Minnesota and in the high 50s in Northern California.


Great top quilt.

chance rodriguez
Incredible quilt!

I'm truly impressed with Jared's craftsmanship and attention to detail with this quilt. Coupled with his excellent customer service, you cannot go wrong with purchasing this, and I'll certainly be back in the future for other products of his.

My quilt comes in at roughly 19 oz, it weighs 20 flat with the stuff (not compression) sack, which was included. The Argon 90 fabric, inside and out, is very soft and comfortable on the skin. The draft collar I added on, cinches very nicely, and I am a big fan of the loops on the back which will be utilized with my sleeping pad cord system.

I wanted a light, 40 degree synthetic for my upcoming trip to the south, Jared knocked it out of the park. In comparison to what I've felt in the past with an EE enigma apex, in my opinion this contends with it. I'm glad to have a great product and to support a small business as well.

Specs of my quilt:
Weight - 19.05 oz
Incl. stuff sack - 20 oz

Width - Wide
Length - Regular
Drawstring Cinch draft collars
Argon 90 Fabric - inside and out - olive/black

Eric Wilson
Amazing quilt!

The quilt came slightly lighter than expected and is extremely high quality. Will be ordering again in the future.