The Trail Bird is a tapered style tarp that maximizes coverage at the head end, where you want it most.

If you choose a U-Pick color(which only applies to the solid colors and not any specialty printed fabrics), these are ordered as needed from either Dutchware(Xenon Sil lines) or Ripstopbytheroll (Silpoly lines), so please verify colors and availability at their respective sites.


  • You choose the Taper (Head/Foot widths) you want
  • Available in 9’ or 10’ lengths (measured along the sides, as the ridgeline goes across the angle of the fabric, so is  slightly longer than the sides)
  • Catenary curves applied to ridgeline, head end and sides
  • Seam Sealing & Stuff Sack Included
  • Tarp comes standard with 8 tie outs (each corner, center of head and foot end, and one in the middle of each side)
  • Tie outs in middle of sides are not necessary to setup, but nice for stabalization.
  • Optional Bivy attachment points are set in @ 12" from each end (please note that bivy hooks are not intended to hang heavier items like water bottles, lanterns, etc.)
  • NEW (1/4/24) - Tie Outs for the top of the Ridgeline Seam are now available on my backpacking tarps.  A small loop is barracked in place at the selected locations.  
    You can choose between:
         - One that is centered
         - Two, with one at 1/3 length and the second at 2/3 length of tarp
         - Three, with a tie out at 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 along the seam 

Optional Accessories:

  • 2mm Reflective Guyline in various lengths (Does not work with Line Lock V's or Line Lock Lites (10mm version)
  • Tie outs can be configured with:
    Loops Only
    Line Loc 3's (standard on my tarps, work best with 1.5-2.5mm line)
    Line Lock V - Small "v" groove can hold line as small a 1mm
    Line Lock Lite (10mm) - works well with line around 1.5mm)
    Line Lock Lite (15mm) - lighter version of Line Loc 3's holding 2-3mm line)
    D-Rings (1/2")
  • (6) Aluminum V-Stakes, UL Titanium Stakes 

Weights will vary depending on options chosen

Trail Bird Tapered Backpacking Tarp

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wow. Exactly what I wanted in every detail.

Let's see, I ordered the Trail Bird 4 days ago including a weekend and here is.

It is beautiful. The silnylon is high quality. Tie outs are strong. Seams and hems are well stitched, strong and well sealed inside and out. Catenary cut is perfect--not so extreme that you couldn't bring it right down to the ground if you had to, or so extreme that it has a 15" beak. Enough to hold a taught pitch and shed wind.

The repair kit is better than any I have ever received with a shelter: a full size, 1.5oz, tube of silicon, two different brushes, more than 1.5 sq feet of matching silnylon and extensive instructions that tell you the best technique. Maybe I've been missing something but I'e not seen that technique explained before. I learned it piecemeal.

The stuff sack is a great addition to my collection of sacks waiting for a fitting something that needs one.

Of course, haven't had it out yet so I guess this is more of an "unboxing." But I feel confidence that it will see a lot of trail and I'm looking forward to first pitch.

Charles R (Bob) Moulder
Beautiful craftsmanship, custom work at a very reasonable price! And FAST!

Very happy with my Trail Bird with straight edges (no cat cuts) and made by Jared with Dutch 0.9 Xenon silpoly. Construction is immaculate, and the excellent seam sealing is better than any I've ever done myself! Weight with ridge line (one-piece) and guylines is right at 9oz/260g and will be about 8.5oz or less once I trim some of the excess after I've used it on the trail a few times. Pretty darn good for a 9'x7'x5' tarp!!

Layton Taylor
10x7x5 Tarp

Absolutely clean tarp. Very easy ready to setup right out of the box. Seam sealing is great. Very happy with my purchase. Very easy transition from a tarp “mid”.
This will be my shelter on the Pacific Northwest Trail next year and I’m confident with the durability of this tarp.