Apex Climashield Backpacking Pillow


  • NEW - 2-in-1 feature with a sewn pocket that allows the pillow to be folded and stuffed in half the space for a super firm feel. 
  • (Pro Tip - for the most secure fit, make sure to get the corners of the folded over section pushed into the corners of the pocket)
  • A variety of fabrics with a comfortable feel
  • 9" x 13" with 4" of Loft (The 2-in-1 feature will make the pillow a smaller 7 x 9 size with about 5.5" of Loft)
  • Stuffed with APEX Climashield of various weights to a medium firm density
  • Can opt to overstuff it for a firmer feel
  • Includes shockcord with cordlock & mitten hook to allow for securing it to pads or your hammock
  • Average Weight:  4.2 oz (overstuffing adds @ 1.0-1.5 oz)

2-in-1 Climashield Pillow

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