The bottom entry sock / net allows for a different method of entry. No Zippers, no drawing it up over the head end of the hammock. It is available as a bug net with either .7 Nano-See-Um or .9 No-See-Um, or as a Wind Sock with a variety of ripstop fabrics.  It is designed to be used on hammocks that use a structural ridgeline.  


  • Shock Corded bottom
  • One end has @ 2" opening to allow your suspension through, but not your hammock
  • Other end has drawstring opening allowing it to be easily retracted to one end
  • If using with TQ/UQs opt for the larger end opening
  • 54" Depth
  • Available in a variety of fabrics (both netting or ripstops) and lengths
  • Length is based on hammock length, so for 11' hammock, choose 11' Length (If your length falls between choices, size up to the next closest)
  • Include your ridgeline length in the comments section, otherwise I base lengths on the 83% basis

Bottom Entry Sock/Net

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Customer Reviews

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Great Net

I have been dealing with Jared since he first started ....i never gave a review . i need a lot of time , to review anything, put it thru hard use, and durability testing. TOP NOTCH WORKMANSHIP through out .

can't be better .. i've got many , many hammocks, many ,many tarps, over a dozen Catch-All Sacks ( which i helped develop ), dozens of stuff sacks , custom bug nets , custom socks , gear hammocks , and more. i am a full time hammocker , for more than 15 years , 7 / 365, even when i was working , ALL SEASON -10°F to 100°F , even hurricanes

Wasabi Joe
.7 nano 11' with winter opening

Another great purchase from Jared. Top notch quality and the customer service is second to none. Highly recommend.

Ultralight Bug Protection

I figured I'd help some folks out and post an approximate weight for this net. I ordered a net in .7oz nano-see-um with a "winter" opening for an 11ft hammock, and the total weight came to 161 grams or 5.7 ounces, INCLUDING the stuff sack it comes in. That's extremely light compared to many options on the market. You save a lot of weight by not having a zipper on the net, I think.

And, of course, craftsmanship quality is top-notch. It feels like a premium product. Haven't been able to test the bug protection ability, but I'd imagine it's about as good as any bottom-entry design like this.


I have scoured the internet for months trying to find an affordable "cocoon" type cover for my hammock. I was thinking DIY with a tarp but it was WAY to heavy and loud. I came across the Bottom Entry Hammock Sock while scrolling through google pictures one day. The minute I saw the price I placed my order. I requested a special pattern or Ripstop and Jared was very quick to respond! Got it WAY faster than expected. The Quality far surpassed my expectations. It has kept me warm out in 0 degree weather! (with an underquilt too) not to long after I ordered the bug net version. Exact same quality and functionality. I thought it would get to warm on Summer nights/ evenings, but it was just fine. I will be sending more and more people here for a long time!

Customer review

Another Simple , Light & effective solution for bug protection. I ordered the .7 oz net to get as light as possible.

The 15" cinch able opening allowed to back the net completely off the hammock stowed in a stuff sack awaiting bug protection duty.

It also has enough space to pass hammock & uq through when backing off & is ideal when setting up uq.

Entry & exit a breeze & tension adjustable while in the hammock within the net.