The Wind Breaker 360º is a great idea for Cool Weather Hanging. It helps block the wind and keep the air warmer within your sleeping area.


  • Foot end has 2" grosgrain reinforced hemmed hole that fits snugly over the end of your hammock
  • Head end has a drawcord channel
  • Standard Depth is 54"
  • Mitten Hook on drawcord itself so you can keep it within easy reach.
  • Mitten Hook located at underside of drawcord channel.
    This allows you to have it covering the area below your shoulders/head,
    while you lay in the hammock with your face uncovered.
  • Length is based on hammock length, so for 11' hammock, choose 11' Length (If your length falls between choices, size up to the next closest)
  • Include your ridgeline length in the comments section, otherwise I base lengths on the 83% basis
  • If you do not use a ridgeline, please include length of hammock from end to end when under load
  • Optional Ridgeline loops can be added for those who do not use a Structural Ridgeline
  • Comes with stuff sack.

Wind Breaker 360º

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