Please read before purchasing

This listing is for an extra layer of insulation that is to be layered with an existing Trail Winder UQ (An actual UQ is not included in this listing).

If this is to add to an existing Trail Winder WITHOUT snaps already installed, you will need to ship back in your existing UQ so that a set of snaps can be added to it and fit verified. 

A stuff sack is included that will be sized to accommodate your original UQ + Modular Add On. 

Please contact me with any questions

Modular System - As we all know, it is hard to get one quilt for a wide range of temperatures, without some serious tweaking or compromises in comfort.  With the design of the Trail Winder, adding a 2nd layer of insulation (in the same orientation as the Trail Winder) is now a possibility. 

The additional layer will be fully enclosed in a shell fabric to keep the insulation clean and debris free.  It will utilize a set of snaps that will line up with a set of snaps on the quilt itself. 

How much range in temperature will this add to an existing quilt?  The answer to that is an estimate at best considering variations in setups and that you are dealing with two separate thinner layers instead of a solid thick layer.  In general the following temperature estimates apply.

2.5 oz - 15-20°
3.6 oz - 25-30°
5.0 oz - 35-40°
6.0 oz - 45-50°

(IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM SIZED TRAIL WINDER - Please contact me prior to purchase to verify details.)

Trail Winder - Modular Add On Only

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