The Trail Winder UQP is used primarily as an underquilt protector,  but a secondary benefit is to use it as a wind/rain block for your hammock.  It will help to retain some heat, block wind and rain from wetting out your hammock or underquilt.


  • Made from either Calendered Ion or Argon 90 (Argon 67 and Argon 49 are options, but all colors are ordered as needed)
  • Length - Available in lengths from 8' - 11'
  • How to choose length - 8' maximizes weight savings and is ideal for mostly UQ coverage, while longer lengths add additional coverage for the underside of the hammock.  The UQP should be shorter than you hammock length (i.e. If you have an 11' hammock, the maximum length you would want to choose is 10') For custom lengths, contact me
  • Width - 55-57" (depends on starting width of fabric)
  • Suspension for UQP is done in the same fashion as the Trail Winder UQ.  Adjustable shock cord loops in end channels & mini biners, making it easier to make adjustments and account for stacking purposes.
  • 5' section on each side is shock corded.  Easily adjust how snug it is to your UQ or hammock
  • *** Please note if you choose a sil version (silnylon or xenon sil) to maximize your wind and rain protection, that you may also encounter increased condensation depending on the conditions in your location.

UQP Length Argon 90 Ion Fabric
8’ 4.75 oz 5.65 oz
9’ 5.25 oz 6.25 oz
10’ 5.75 oz 6.85 oz
11’ 6.25 oz 7.45 oz

Trail Winder UQP

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This heater is a keeper!

When dealing with the humidity & dew in Virginia i found that synthetic insulation is far superior then down won't let you down even if wet. This is a asymmetric insulation solution for those that know their asymmetric lay. It's cut away insulation iwhere insulation is useless & covers where you need it on the diagonal. Ive got both a 40 degree version & 20 degree version. This system cups you like another hammock body beneath allowing for NO burping when you move in the hammock as we'll as not allowing for cold to rush in. No need for secondary suspension & fiddle. Just hang like another hammock beneath you & it's pretty set to go. Should you need to pull the underquilt closer , there is two shock cord pulls with cord locks dead center of the under quilt to customize fit. You feel instant heat when laying down. Another awesome offering from Jared!

Instant Heat! IUQP

Wow! If you get this UQ protector with insulation you can just leave your under quilt at home or put it up for sale on the forums! I've had zero fiddle factor with this setup and am using the insulated version with the Apex 6 climashield. So far I've gotten into the 30's and am super toasty! I feel that it will absolutely get down to the 20s in my opinion! This works on most of my GE hammocks and requires no UQ hooks or triangle thingies. You just set it and forget it!

Greg Placides
Spin Drift UQ protector

Used my UQ protector in tandem with my 20 degree uq on a 30 degree night. I was amazed not only its ability to function as a wind block & heat retention but how it kept any cold spots from rushing in when you move around during sleep. The uq spin drift is like another hammock gently cupping the uq & because the material runs further than the ends of a full length uq it will not allow the uq to "burp" or leak cold air in or heat out. The version i got was the ION fabric. Great thing is it can also double as a windbreak alone during late spring early summer seasons!