The Winter Haven tarp is a 4-season hammock tarp providing full coverage from the elements. Its design allows the ends to be closed in "door" fashion.

If you choose a U-Pick color(which only applies to the solid colors and not any specialty printed fabrics), these are ordered as needed from either Dutchware(Xenon Sil lines) or Ripstopbytheroll(Silpoly lines), so please verify colors and availability at their respective sites.


  • 10 Standard Reinforced Tie Outs*
    - 2 Ridgeline Tie Outs with 3/4" Beastee D-Rings
    - 4 Door Ends & 4 Door Corners Tie Outs
    * Note that the 12 and 13 Foot Catenary Cut Versions will come with two curves along the edge instead of a single long one and an extra center point tie out
    *Tarps with a single or triple pole mod will include a center point tie out as well
  • Length at ground is about 2.5' longer than the ridgeline
  • Width - Standard Fabrics (Silnylon, Silpoly 1.1, Xenon Sil 1.1) - Roughly 112"
                Wide Fabrics (Silpoly XL, Xenon Sil Wide) - Roughly 136"
  • Optional Side Panel Pull Outs (if you use a Bridge Hammock, there is a specific option to indicate spacing)
  • Seam Sealing Included

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The standard package includes:

  • Winter Tarp
  • Stuff Sack
  • Seam Sealing

Optional Accessories:

  • 2mm Reflective Guyline in various lengths (Does not work with Line Lock V's or Line Lock Lites (10mm version)
  • Tie outs can be configured with:
    Loops Only
    Line Loc 3's (standard on my tarps, work best with 1.5-2.5mm line)
    Line Lock V - Small "v" groove can hold line as small a 1mm
    Line Lock Lite (10mm) - works well with line around 1.5mm)
    Line Lock Lite (15mm) - lighter version of Line Loc 3's holding 2-3mm line)
    D-Rings (3/4") 
  • (8) Aluminum V-Stakes, UL Titanium or Heavy Duty Titanium Stakes 
  • Zing It, Flyz, Spliced Flyz or Dutchware Continuous Ridgeline 
  • Internal Ridgeline (not needed with the Dutchware continuous ridgeline or with pole sets) - Includes Connection points, a Lash It Ridgeline and 3 prusik loops for hanging light weight items under your tarp
  • Patch Kit - Perfect for emergency repairs or there is even enough caulk that it can be used to reseal the seams if that ever needs to be done in the future.  Includes small tube of silicone caulk, 12" x 12" matching fabric (custom tarps may not have quite a large piece, but will include what is available), stir stick (caulk can either be applied directly to tarp without diluting, or it can be diluted for thinner applications).  
  • The Optional Tarp Pole Set is for creating more livable space underneath the tarp. There are 2 versions - Exterior or Interior. The Exterior comes with 2 tarp poles, 4 Adjustable Quick Set Connectors (It does require the side panel pull outs from the below drop down menu to function). The Interior includes sleeves on the tarp and an internal ridgeline with prusik loops to keep poles in place. (please contact me if you plan on getting the single pole option on a 10 or 11' Winter Haven)

Weights will vary depending on options chosen

Winter Haven 4-Season Tarp

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Tarp

I have been dealing with Jared since he first started ....i never gave a review . i need a lot of time , to review anything, put it thru hard use, and durability testing. TOP NOTCH WORKMANSHIP through out .
can't be better .. i've got many , many hammocks, many ,many tarps, over a dozen Catch-All Sacks ( which i helped develop ), dozens of stuff sacks , custom bug nets , custom socks , gear hammocks , and more. i am a full time hammocker , for more than 15 years , 7 / 365, even when i was working , ALL SEASON -10°F to 100°F , even hurricanes

Justin Howell

I ordered a 10’ winter haven on a Sunday. I was working the next day and decided I’d get a 10’ hammock from him. Figured I’d just get ahold of him and add that to the order on lunch break.

I checked my email when I set down for lunch. I saw a shipping confirmation he’d sent that morning. Saying he’d finished up the tarp and would be dropping in the mail that morning.

What?!!!!!!! Just awesome turnaround. And, as I set here on Wednesday, across the country from Jarod, looking at the tarp. It’s impeccable and of the highest quality.

I’ve built several tarps and had others made by cottage vendors. None were as good as this one. I’m truly impressed. I’ve been dealing with Jarod a longtime. He always delivers a top notch product very quickly.

Favorite Tarp

This tarp is my absolute go-to favorite tarp.
Very well made, light, easy to pitch.
Jared is awesome to work with and communicates turn times extremely well.
I'll be ordering another one of these soon for my Dad's Christmas gift.
Just couldn't be happier!

My second one tricked out!!

Can’t say enough how much I love my Winter Haven tarps. My first is standard width with 3 interior poles. Love it with strait edges. Still going strong. This one is a different color and wick wide plus I added a few more customizations. Jared is just awesome!! Great to deal with. Fast turn around and light speed shipping. This fits ALL MY HAMMOCKS WELL!! Warbonnet XLC. Dutchware chameleon and even my Amok draumr!! I can even fit my double Dutch chameleons under it!!! Craftsmanship is amazing!!! You won’t be disappointed. *****

Top notch 4 season tarp

I wanted a do-it-all tarp. Rain, snow, wind, summer, winter, spring, fall - a one tarp solution for all of my hammocking needs. This is it. I got the wide silpoly in beautiful Moroccan blue with side panel pullouts and door snaps. The quality of workmanship is second to none. Speed of responses from Jared and turnaround time to make a custom item is down right hard to believe.

My Winter Haven is perfect. I can set it up like a fortress and keep the weather out or open it up for amazing views while still having tons of coverage. The door snaps are probably my favorite feature of the tarp.

If your are looking for top notch gear with amazing customer service then look no further - SLD is the touchstone in the cottage industry.