New - 4/5/23 - I've had several inquiries about adding a cinch collar or an insulated draft collar to the Summit Blanket.  So, it is now an option in the drop down menus to add that to either the head end, foot end, or both. 

Additionally, if one wants to be able to shape the foot end into more of a footbox, there is now an option to add a series of snaps to the foot end to "close up" the bottom 18" of the blanket.  This combined with the foot end collar, will close off the bottom of the blanket in a fashion similar to a sewn footbox on a top quilt.

Summit Backpacking Blanket

Take your trips to new heights with a simple, no frills approach.  The Summit Backpacking Blanket is a lightweight option for backpacking or other outdoor activities. 

Can be used alone or in a layering setup to reach lower temperatures.

While simple, several features can be customized to meet your needs.


  • Length - Choose your length from 66" - 84"
  • Width - Choose your width from 42" - 58" (Argon 90 fabrics max out at 57")
  • Fabrics - Available in either Argon 90 or Ion Fabrics
    Argon is lighter and more breathable
    Ion is more wind resistant but slightly heavier
    Custom Fabrics can be ordered (may incur additional charges)
  • Apex Climashield Insulation - Choose from 2.5 oz - 6.0 oz weights
    Temperature Ratings* are considered comfort ratings from manufacturer
  • You can choose a straight blanket, loops at the 4 corners only, or loops at the 4 corners and 3 evenly spaced sets down the side (if choosing a head end collar, there will be a set of loops with a snap to secure the collar around the neck)
  • Optional cinch or insulated draft collars can be added to head or foot end(cinch collars weigh .5 oz and draft collars weigh 1.5 oz each)
  • Optional snaps can be added to the foot end for creating a foot box when combined with a foot end collar
  • Includes stuff sack
  • Weights vary depending on dimensions, fabrics and insulation chosen.  Since there are so many options in regards to length and width, a weight table would be massive, so please contact me if you are looking for an estimated finished weight

*Please note that temperature ratings are from the manufacturer of Apex Climashield.  They are considered comfort ratings and from customer feedback, that has held true in most cases.  However, there are many factors that can affect ones' comfort level including whether one sleeps cold or hot, wind chill, humidity among other factors.

Summit Backpacking Blanket

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